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Finland Residency

Finland’s Entrepreneur Start Up Program

This program is mainly targeted at educated professionals or experienced business owners. For example IT professionals wanting to have a base in Finland. Most NON EU Citizens/Residents need an approval from Business Finland on the proposed business plan before the business can be started and residence permit be processed. It is quite difficult to get this approval and needs details business planning and unique business ideas.

Process of applying for Finland’s Entrepreneur Residency Permit

1. Contact us by ‘Phone’ or fill  Immigration Inquiry Form from Contact Section above. Best is to arrange a meeting with our consultant to understand the process.

2. Pay our service fees as per agreed stages.

3. We start to take permission to incorporate a company for you.

4. We start to assist you on developing a business plan in advice from our Finland office.

5. Visit Finland to complete the company registration process and several other needed contracts and paper work.

6. Go back and submit an application at the Finnish Embassy.

7. Wait result and get a temporary visa D and come back to Finland. Our lawyers assist you with the rest of the process in Finland to get your residence permit.



Cost of Setting up a company or buying an existing business in Finland will depend on various factors. We will quote you once we have some details from you. On an average, you should be able to spend Euro 15,000-25,000 Euros or more depending your company structure and based on how many family members you wish to include.

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