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We understand how important your immigration goals are which is why our team of immigration experts give you a free counseling and a free eligibility assessment, helping you understand the procedures involved and things you should carry out for your immigration procedure. Our team of experts also help individuals with the pre-screening review on rejections and appeal guidance process and more which has made a numerous number of individuals achieve their immigration goals.

Smart Choice Group
Mahmoud Al Nasr

Mahmoud is an experienced Head Of HR & Administration with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Talent Management, Deferred Compensation, Employee Benefits Design, Personnel Management, Employee Engagement, Procurement (IT & none IT) management, Security Management, Archiving management, Budget & Invoicing control, Real estate management, Contract management. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management.


Processing Case Manager
Smart Choice Group
Crisan Reyes

Crisan is coordinating and managing complex immigration cases from last 4 years. Helps professionals on their Visa Process and obtain a successful Visa.